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Main/branch office VoIP


Since Internet bandwidth is enlarged by ISP and VoIP technology has been improved dramatically, enterprises are looking for an alternative to reduce telephone bills and facsimile costs.

n   ‧Some enterprise office are located in different state even in different country. Each branch office and headquarters

       communicate each other regularly and seeks a way to save the internal phone bills.

   ‧Sales dept. want to reduce the international phone bills whenever the sales representatives call out to their


n   ‧The staffs of Sales dept. need a password when they make a international phone call or national long-distance call via

       the VoIP system.

   ‧Quality of service must be guaranteed for Internet access, and VoIP.

   ‧Internet security protection in the network must be provided.


SP5008A and SP5018A serve staffs to dial international calls without any cost.

SP5008A, SP5018A and SP5058A VoIP gateways build an IP-based voice communication platform among headquarters and branches. SP5058A is connected with legacy PBX and serves HQ staffs with existing dial rules of dialing extension number to branches. FXO ports of SP5018A and SP5058A serve calling-end from other site to dial to local PSTN with local phone bill.

VoIP 8FXS Gateway


VoIP 4FXO + 4FXS Gateway


VoIP 8FXO Gateway


Micronet Benefits


  Cost-saving the phone bills between branches and headquarters

   ‧Make low-cost calls to between branches and headquarters by leveraging VoIP technology.

  Reduce the international phone bills

   ‧Using SP5008A/SP5018A/SP5058A, users get the best deal by choosing the cheapest offer from ITSP.

  Manage the authority by password

   ‧SP5008A/SP5018A/SP5058A support authority assignment for local call, national call and international call.

  Provide the stable voice quality

   ‧SP5008A/SP5018A/SP5058A provide quality of service (QoS) within a dedicated network and provides a more stable voice quality in the Internet.

  Built-in firewall Security of Internet Access

   ‧SP5008A/SP5018A/SP5058A equipped with VPN/firewall for Internet security of data and VoIP applications.


Micronet Solution Details



n  Cost-saving the phone bills between branches and headquarters

   ‧Integrating with existing legacy equipment “PBX”, it is no need to migrate to a big whole-new telephony system in each site. Employees make a direct

       VoIP call between branches and headquarters for free.

  Reduce the international phone bills

   ‧SP5008A/SP5018A/SP5058A can connect to 4 ITSP simultaneously by registration. Therefore, the users get the best deal by choosing the cheapest

       offer from ITSP.


n Manage the authority by password

   ‧The IVR application generally exists at VoIP gateway. Therefore, only calls that have been authorized are set up, thus reducing the unauthorized callers ,

       wrong numbers and toll bypass.


n Provide the stable voice quality

   ‧IP ToS / DSCP (DiffServ Code Point) classifies digital stream by traffic type, and prioritizes traffic. It ensures voice quality as well as data transmission.


n Built-in firewall Security of Internet Access

   ‧Rich Firewall security features such as stateful packet Inspection, DoS attack prevention, and URL Content Filtering are integrated to provide users

       unparalleled protection from hackers' attack.


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