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City Surveillance with Power over Ethernet


While establishing surveillance systems with IP cams and PoE switches in various city environments, such as streets, parking lots, communities, and stations, solution providers often face following challenges:

n‧Need a PoE switch to cover a number of surveillance devices, supply sufficient power, guarantee efficient data

    transmission, and be highly reliable upon continuous operation

‧Minimize total establishment cost generated from power installation, including hardware and labor costs

‧Meet end-user's requirements of system management and maintenance

‧Ensure the security of surveillance video delivery


Micronet Solution Case


24+2 Combo Layer 2+ PoE Managed Switch, 370W

H.264 Indoor Box 1.3 Megapixel IP Camera

H.264 PoE Outdoor IR CCD Box IP Camera

H.264 CCD IR Fixed Dome IP Camera

Micronet Benefits


 Availability and Stability in Power Supply

   ‧SP6824P supplies power to up to 24 Ethernet devices, such as wireless AP, IP camera, and IP Phone, in places where there is no AC/DC outlet, also

       ensure that the device will not suffer from suddenly power outrage or surge problem.

 Cost Reduction

   ‧The total expense for the implementation of power is reduced by saving on cables and laboring.

 Superior Web Management Features

  ‧SP6824P's management feature help users to manage network remotely. The bandwidth control function keeps unwanted network traffic out

      and isolate independent network data flow.

   ‧SP6824P supports Tag-based and Port-based VLAN, Port-base priority QoS, and IGMP snooping. These features greatly empower capability of

       system management.

 Remote Accessibility of the System

   ‧For each powered device, such as IP camera, power safety inspection can be checked remotely, to make sure each connection is powered or powered

       off anytime, anywhere.


Micronet Solution Details



n Superior Traffic Control thru Web-Based Management

   ‧The online web security management feature of SP6824P filters unwanted network traffic data and block any network intruders; moreover, through its

       port management and QoS features, important information gets transmitted with priority.


 Full PoE Compliant with Industrial Standards

   ‧SP6824P is compliant with industrial IEEE 802.3af standard, and allows user to monitor each Powered Device (PDs) that is connected with 15.4 watts

       power source from each port; therefore, faulty connections can be seen immediately and user’s maintenance effort can be reduced to the minimum.


 Easy Installation and Upgrade

   ‧SP6824P comes with 19” rack mount bracket, and the rack-mount size is specifically designed for medium to large workgroups. Moreover, it provides

       smooth network migration and easy upgrade in network capacity that is best suitable for any IT environment.


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